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Dedicated Team & Resources

Nano Cintech is the industry leader in nanoring production with dedicated labs, resources, & personnel to their development.

First to Market Nanorings

We are the first company to commercialize this product and are pioneers in their potential application & implementation.

Pioneers In Nanoring Technology

Since our inception we have devoted our resources to design, develop & market nanorings.

Stringent Production Quality

Stringent production standards, testing & constant development produce one of the highest quality products available.

What are Silver Nanorings?

Silver Nanorings (AgNR) are similar to silver nanowires (AgNW) having potentially better opto-electrical properties when compared with the same wire diameter of AgNW. We have reported and introduced for the first time AgNR as a new generation of TCF into the market with thread thickness of AgNR at 120 nm. This improvement is directly correlated to the shape of NR which creates more contact points between the rings on the substrate. Considering that AgNR of 120 nm should not be compared with finer diameter of AgNW since thinner wire yields better optical properties and seeing that our introduction AgNR has created much interest in the market, we are  studying to develop AgNR with finer diameter to improve its optical properties to surpass the properties of AgNW with much finer thread thickness of AgNR.

Nanorings like nanowires are implemented in our conductive inks and conductive films to create a variety of different products and applications.

Silver Nanorings Technical Properties

Silver nanorings synthesized by Nano Cintech under our patent, have uniform diameter and thickness, with Polygonal structure, high purity and high yield. This is the first time that this product is commercially available in large scale.

Properties Unit AgNRs-120
Thickness nm 120 (+/-) 10
Length um 45 (+/-) 15
External Diameter um 15 (+/-) 5
Yield % 90%
Structure Polygonal
Available Solvents Distilled water (DIW), Ethanol (ETOH)
Isopropanol (IPA)
Customized Solvent

Note: Nano Cintech has capacity to adjust separate product parameters as per customer demand

Silver Nanorings Applications

Thin-film Identification Tags Touchscreen Devices

Their ability to transfer currents at an optimal rate and their capability for flex makes silver nanorings a forerunner in thin film technology for transferring data in touchscreen devices such as phone, tablets, notebooks, pcs, and others.


Nanorings are being used to create highly flexible and super lightweight antennas which are suitable for smaller electronic devices of a very low weight, such as mobile phones, tablets, walkie-talkies, laptops, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation systems, and wearable electronic devices. These antennas are produced with inkjet printing technology and nanorings are applied to a substrate in order to fabricate flexible microstrip antennas.

Optical Data Storage

Silver Nanorings are now being used as optical data storage as recording marks to achieve super resolution and maximum size efficiency. Nanoring structures are also being used in glass to store large amounts data in a super resistant package.

Optical Telecommunications Bands

Silver nanorings have a perfect circular shape, smooth surface, and elliptical wire cross-section along with their conductive properties they have potential applications in nanoscaled photonics, plasmonic devices, and optical manipulation. These silver nanostructures have become of interest for a wide variety of areas due to their optical properties. These properties include optical surface resonance, localization, confinement, enhancement of electric fields, and resonance wavelength.

Medical Imaging and Optics

Silver nanorings exhibit unique photonic, electronic, catalytic and therapeutic properties. Consequently, they are being applied several medical fields including biosensing, medical imaging, and diagnostics.

Solar Cells For Panels

Because of better electro optical properties of AgNRs in comparison with AgNWs, Silver nanorings are very useful to fabricate flexible /transparent of third generation of solar cells such as organic solar cells (OSCs), dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) or perovskite solar cells (PSCs).

We produce the highest quality products

At Nano Cintech we focus on producing the highest quality silver nano products in the industry. Our strategic approach focuses on devoting our resources to research, development, and the right personnel. This way we are able to be on the forefront of silver nano technology and create products which redefine the world.

Given that our products are on the cusp of technological advancements, they are increasingly making their way into various industries and consumer products such as: smartphones, tablets, notebook, PCs, e-book readers, medical devices, automobiles, architectural stylings, food preservation, and more.

Our team is also constantly working to facilitate nano materials to the world. Our vertical integration assures that we are the inventors, manufacturers, processors, and suppliers. Consequently, we are able to control our product throughout its entire productions process, from its initial inception to its final sale.

Our commitment to product quality and technological advancement makes us a key leader in the nano material industry assuring that our products are implemented in everyday life and help to redefine the world.

State of the art lab facilities and equipment

Investing in our own high-tech laboratory and research facilities allows us to constantly improve our technologies and create products of the highest quality. This way Nano Cintech is able to bring amazing breakthroughs in the industry while constantly improving our products.

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