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We are always looking for strategic partners and investors who hold our core values of growth and development while maintaining our bottom line.

Nano Cintech S.L. is a subsidiary of Intercomet S.L. which has been in business and conducting R&D for over 15 years. We won the Cepyme 2017 national awards for SME technological innovation, which was chaired by the King of Spain and the President of the Government, we won again in 2018 coming in at 2nd place and were awarded again in 2019.

Ever since 2015, which is when the INNOVATIVE SME STAMP of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain was created, Intercomet has been present and awarded with this distinction. In addition, Intercomet played an active role assisting the Ministry with suggestions on design.

Our R+D department’s activity is officially recognized as National Strategic Character since march 2020. This distinction has been awarded by the General Directorate of International Trade and Investments of the Ministry of Economy & Industry and Competitiveness of Spain.

We are constantly expanding our resources and most recently developed lab scale high quality and cost-effective silver nanowires and silver nano-ring conductive inks. Our conductive inks, used for the production of transparent conductive films, offer enhanced optical properties as they are free from nano particles.

Market value:

  • 2018: $295 MN
  • 2025: >$1.5 BN

Company Objectives:

  • 5-10 million EUR investment
    • Personnel
      • International Sales team and offices
      • Marketing
      • Lab
    • Industrial machinery for large scale fabrication
    • Trade marketing

Our investment in research, development, and facilities.

At NanoCintech we believe that in order to maintain our success we must constantly strive towards the novel and innovation. Consequently we dedicate large resources towards our state of the art lab facilities, equipment, and personnel. By Investing in our own high tech laboratory and research facilities we are able to steadily improve our technologies and create products of the highest quality. This way NanoCintech is able to bring amazing breakthroughs in the industry while constantly improving our products.

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