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Who We Are

We develop & manufacture the best silver nanostructures for conductive ink films.

Silver Nano Technology

We specialize in creating best of breed silver nano products & offer state-of-the-art nanostructure dispersion and product formulations.

High Quality Products

At Nano Cintech we are always ahead of the curve & are constantly developing our proprietary technology to create state or the art products.

Endless Possibilites

Our constant research & development expands our products capabilities and reach to a variety of applications across multiple industries.

Our Technology. An Endless World of Possibilities.

At Nano Cintech, we have developed cost-effective conductive inks based on silver nanostructures. Using our patented methods, we are able to customize them for different applications. From touch screens to printed electronics, Nano Cintech provides the material and technology which allows manufacturers to change the way users interact with products in their world.

Our technology includes solution-based conductive inks to fabricate flexible transparent conductive film (TCF) and highly conductive patterns with low curing time and temperature along with strong adhesion on different substrates.

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Our Nano Silver Structure Product Line

Our silver nanowires with high aspect ratio and low thickness (diameter) have a variety of applications in electronic devices as flexible transparent conductive films read more.

Silver nanorings are perfect for optoelectronic applications including films. Films based on nanorings have better opto‐electrical properties (higher transparency with lower haze) than nanowires. read more.

Silver nanoparticles are one of the most commonly utilized nanomaterials due to their anti-microbial properties, high electrical conductivity, and optical properties. They are increasingly used in various fields read more.

Conductive inks use nanoscale silver structures formulated into coatings and applied to various products using commercial printing methods. Their uses range from printing RFID chips to automobile components read more.

Conductive films provide the functional combination of being transparent and also electrically conductive making them applicable to a wide range of uses like LCD displays, touch panels, and, solar cells read more.

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Product Applications

Where our technology is being used

Silver nano structures provide a vast array of product development possibilities and applications. Below you will see some products which already make use of silver nano technology. Click here to see more.

Discover What's Possible With Silver Nanostructures

Our silver nano products allow manufacturers to create products which before were never possible.
Flexible screens are one example of a new development now taking advantage of silver nanostructures.

State of the art lab facilities and equipment

Investing in our own high-tech laboratory and research facilities allows us to constantly improve our technologies and create products of the highest quality. This way Nano Cintech is able to bring amazing breakthroughs in the industry while constantly improving our products.

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Meet Our Team

Nano Cintech is a forward-thinking company comprised of highly motivated and talented individuals. Ever since our inception, we have been a leader in the conductive materials industry and have continued to develop new technologies from our headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Our team has made a commitment to: uphold a leadership position in the silver nano technology sector, maintain a continuous improvement of our products, utilize vertical integration of processes to control quality and reduce costs, and to diversify our knowledge and develop new solutions around silver nanostructures and related sectors.

Our R & D department also has fully equipped facilities for the execution of all our projects being able to cover all the stages that go from laboratory scale to industrial set-up. Read More About Our Team


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