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At Nano Cintech we focus on producing the highest quality silver nano products in the industry. Our strategic approach focuses on devoting our resources to research, development, and the right personnel. This way we are able to be on the forefront of silver nano technology and create products which redefine the world.

Given that our products are on the cusp of technological advancements, they are increasingly making their way into various industries and consumer products such as: smartphones, tablets, notebook, PCs, e-book readers, medical devices, automobiles, architectural stylings, food preservation, and more.

Our team is also constantly working to facilitate nano materials to the world. Our vertical integration assures that we are the inventors, manufacturers, processors, and suppliers. Consequently, we are able to control our product throughout its entire productions process, from its initial inception to its final sale.

Our commitment to product quality and technological advancement makes us a key leader in the nano material industry assuring that our products are implemented in everyday life and help to redefine the world.

Our Nano Silver Structure Product Line

Silver Nanowires have a variety of applications in electronic devices and are currently the most preferred material for the preparation of flexible transparent films with higher aspect ratio and lower thickness read more.

Silver nanorings are perfect for optoelectronics applications including films. Films based on nanorings have better opto‐electrical properties (higher transparency with lower haze) than nanowires read more.

Silver nanoparticles are one of the most commonly utilized nanomaterials due to their anti-microbial properties, high electrical conductivity, and optical properties. They are increasingly used in various fields read more.

Conductive inks use nanoscale silver material formulated into coatings and applied to various products using commercial printing methods. Their uses range from printing RFID chips to automobile components read more.

Conductive films provide the functional combination of being transparent and also electrically conductive making them applicable to a wide range of uses like LCD displays, touch panels, & solar cells read more.

Endless World Of Posibility

Silver Nano Technology

At Nano Cintech, we have developed cost-effective conductive inks based on nanostructures under our patented methods with the ability to customize them for different applications such as:

Solution-based conductive inks to fabricate flexible transparent conductive film (TCF) to directly substitute for indium tin oxide (ITO) as traditional transparent conductive films.

Solution-based conductive inks for printing to fabricate highly conductive patterns with low curing time and temperature along with strong adhesion on different substrates. The ink’s parameters can be adjusted for ink-jet printing, screen printing and so on with different conductivities for a wide range of applications.

Product Applications

Where Our Technology Is Being Used

Silver nanostructures provide an endless world of possibilities and applications. Below you will see some products which already make use of silver nano technology. Click here to see more.

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