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At Nano Cintech we strive to redefine what is possible and re-imagine the future. In a world of rapidly evolving technology, our silver nano materials expand frontiers, allowing concepts and ideas to emerge on an ongoing basis, creating products which can reinvent the world.

We offer state-of-the-art silver nanostructure dispersions and formulations. Our products include silver nano inks and conductive films created with our high precision nanowires, nanorings and nanoparticles. Our emphasis on research, development, production and applications allows us to provide manufacturers with a breath of endless possibilities.

Constant Research & Development

Large investments into R&D and our vertical integration allows our knowledgeable team to continuously develop superior products and technology.

Exceeding Product Quality

Since our inception, our resources have been focused on developing, designing, & manufacturing technologically superior quality products.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team is completely committed to our customers’ requirements providing exceptional products, customer service, & support after purchases.

Superior Production & Efficiency

Our underlying efforts have ushered us to become a market leader in nano silver technology and allowed us to achieve superior manufacturing efficiency.

Advancements in touch screen solutions.

Our advancements in silver nano technology for touch screens allows us to supply the best breed of technology for this segment. Due to our integrated production and our constant dedication to research & development, our silver nanowires and nanoring products provide our clients with unmatched precision and solutions.

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Expanding horizons in the conductive ink industry

At Nano Cintech we take exuberant measures to assure our conductive ink products are second to none. We take great pride in providing products with optimal viscosity, conductivity and adhesion in order to provide superior function, quality, and standards.

Our silver conductive inks work with a variety of different underlying substances or layers including: glass, polycarbonate, polyimide, Kapton, Mylar, polyester, ITO-coated surfaces, Teflon and silicone surfaces.

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Our proprietary technology conductive films

Transparent conductive films are typically used as electrodes when a situation calls for low resistance electrical contacts without blocking light (e.g. LEDs, photovoltaics) and consequently are now being used in many devices, including electrochromic glass, solar panels, LCD and OLED displays. At Nano Cintech, we have been developing our proprietary technology for conductive films since our inception. With the use of silver nano wires & more recently silver nano rings, we are able to produce a product whose quality is over shadowed by none. Our products provide the best conductivity while providing the clearest levels of transparency.

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Meet the Nano Cintech Team

Nano CIntech is a forward-thinking company comprised of highly motivated and talented individuals. Ever since our inception, we have been a leader in the conductive materials industry and have continued to develop new technologies from our headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Our team has made a commitment to: uphold a leadership position in the silver nano technology sector, maintain a continuous improvement of our products, utilize vertical integration of processes to control quality and reduce costs, and to diversify our knowledge and develop new solutions around silver nanostructures and related sectors.

Our R & D department also has fully equipped facilities for the execution of all our projects being able to cover all the stages that go from laboratory scale to industrial set-up. Read More About Our Team

Innovation and a Strive Toward the Novel

State of the art lab facilities and equipment

Investing in our own high-tech laboratory and research facilities allows us to constantly improve our technologies and create products of the highest quality. This way Nano Cintech is able to bring amazing breakthroughs in the industry while constantly improving.

2017, 2018, 2019 Award

Under its parent company, Nano Cintech is the proud recipient of the 2017, 2018, and 2019 CEPYME Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises award for having generated exceptional value in the market through its technological innovation. The award was chaired by the King of Spain and the President of the Government.

Careers at Nano Cintech

At Nano Cintech we are constantly looking to expand our team with highly motivated and talented individuals.

We are a forward-thinking company seeking bright & ambitious additions. We welcome applications as we are always opened to evaluating candidates.

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