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Nano Silver Technology

Our transparent conductive films are made by taking a thin film layer coated with silver nanostructures & stacking it together with two protective layers. Using silver structures provides numerous benefits over traditional ITO films.

Conductivity & Transparency

Our silver nano films are superior to those produced with (indium tin oxide) ITO, providing excellent conductivity with lower resistance & super clear transparency which yields better clarity than competitor's products.

High Quality & Lower Product Costs

At Nano Cintech we control the entire life cycle of our product, from the initial raw materials to the finished conductive films. This allows us to ensure that the highest quality products are available at the best possible price.

Remarkable Film Flexibility

Traditional indium tin oxide (ITO) films produce products which are brittle & inflexible. By using silver nanostructures, we can produce films which are highly flexible and resilient, proving a more stable and durable product.

What Are Transparent Conductive Films?

Transparent conductive films (TCFs) are thin films which are composed of an optically transparent and electrically conductive material. These films are vital components of several different products, such as electrochromic glass, solar panels, and liquid-crystal displays (LCDs), OLED displays, touchscreens and photovoltaics.

Traditional transparent conductive films are manufactured using indium tin oxide (ITO). ITO’s however, have proven to have several drawbacks. Primarily they are becoming increasingly expensive due the diminishing supply of indium. They also have limited environmental chemical stability, which can lead to device corrosion over time. ITO Films are also brittle meaning that the films produced do not have flexible properties.

In light of this, Nano Cintech has developed a new transparent conductive film which use silver nanostructures. These silver nanostructures are applied to the film substrate and layered between two protective films. The result is a thin transparent and conductive silver alloy film which gives lower resistance, excellent flexibility, retains high conductive properties, and is manufactured at a lower cost than traditional ITO films.


Silver Ink To Create Your Own Film

If you wish to create your own transparent conductive films, we are able to provide you with the raw material (silver conductive ink) to apply, coat, and create your own conductive film products. Click here to view our conductive ink properties.


Fully Assembled Conductive Films

If you do not have the facilities or equipment to create your own transparent conductive film, Nano Cintech is able to sell you the final finished product. This can be purchased in either clear or super clear film iterations.

Our Conductive Film Technical Properties

Below you will find the technical properties of water based Ink and water based overcoat needed to fabricate transparent conductive Films.

Transparent Conductive Film AgNWs /PET
Hazemeter (ASTM D1003) T (%) >91
H (%) <1.0
Color (CIE Lab) L* 93.1
a* -0.07
b* 0.53
Thickness (106m) 188
Resistivity (ohm/sq) 90-110

Note: Nano Cintech has capacity to adjust separate product parameters as per customer demand

Transparent Conductive Films Applications

Solar Cells

Silver transparent conductive films are being used to create more efficient solar panels. Due to the higher electro optical properties of silver nanostructures, our conductive films are optimal for the fabrication flexible and transparent solar cells.

We take advantage of silver nano technology improving on transparency and conductivity this produces a significant improvement in the film’s electrical conductivity. When incorporated into a type of high-efficiency solar cell, the material increased solar cell’s efficiency and stability over traditional solar panels.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screens

Today’s market has seen demand rise for flexible screens who have high resolution and exceptional optoelectronic performance. This high demand also means that production costs must be kept in check to resulting in bulk production by key companies. Transparent conductive films provide the solution to these concerns. Using silver nano technology these can provide a sharp display with high optical quality while maintaining screen flexibility and durability.

Our production methods have been developed to simplify the silver nanostructure patterning process across substrates and allowing us to simplify the manufacturing of silver nanowire-based transparent conductive films.

Smart Glass For the Automobile Industry

Conductive transparent film’s use in PDLC smart glasses is gaining momentum in the automobile industry as a solution to improve energy efficiency, functionality and sensibility. It is now starting to be implemented into panoramic roofs, rear and side windows, and is being used to reduce light transmittance. By varying the electric current one can control the amount of light entering in the cabin replacing traditional Roller Blinds.

When composed into privacy smart glass, transparent conductive films can be used in the automotive industry to reduce glare, block IR rays, and create aesthetic appealing cabin ambiance.

Smart Privacy Glass

Transparent conductive films are being used to create electrochromic smart privacy glass. One of the primary features of this glass is its ability to turn from a transparent state to an opaque one. Liquid crystals which react to currents are what make this possible. Once an electric current is applied, the liquid crystals turn transparent. When the electrical current stops, the liquid crystals instantly return to an opaque state. This is achieved by running a current through a layer of our transparent conductive film which covers the glass.

This product is leading to the creation of new architectural wonders. The final smart glass can be customized in an endless array of configurations. Granting flexibility in architectural designs, resulting in unique applications. See below to leader more about smart privacy glass.

Adaptive and Interactive

Privacy Smart Glass In Action

With conductive films companies are able to apply them to glass in order to create smart privacy glass. Below you can see how smart privacy glass interacts with its architectural environment, creating instant privacy with the flick of a switch.

Product Appplicatios

How our technology is being used in the privacy glass sector

Conductive films provide an endless world of possibilities and applications. Below you will see some products which already make use of silver nano technology.

We produce the highest quality products

At Nano Cintech, we focus on producing the highest quality silver nano products in the industry. Our strategic approach focuses on devoting our resources to research, development, and the right personnel. This way we are able to be on the forefront of silver nano technology and create products which redefine the world.

Given that our products are on the cusp of technological advancements, they are increasingly making their way into various industries and consumer products such as: smartphones, tablets, notebook, PCs, e-book readers, medical devices, automobiles, architectural stylings, food preservation, and more.

Our team is also constantly working to facilitate nano materials to the world. Our vertical integration assures that we are the inventors, manufacturers, processors, and suppliers. Consequently, we are able to control our product throughout its entire productions process, from its initial inception to its final sale.

Our commitment to product quality and technological advancement makes us a key leader in the nano material industry assuring that our products are implemented in everyday life and help to redefine the world.

State of the art lab facilities and equipment

Investing in our own high-tech laboratory and research facilities allows us to constantly improve our technologies and create products of the highest quality. This way Nano Cintech is able to bring amazing breakthroughs in the industry while constantly improving our products.

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