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Water & Air Filtering Applications

Silver nanoparticles have a distinct ability to create highly effective filters for water and air without the use of external chemicals.

Antibacterial Attributes

Applying silver nanoparticles into bacterial cells induces a high degree of structural and morphological changes, which kills bacteria.

Optimal Conductive Properties

Silver nanoparticles have optimal conductive properties which makes them a lower cost and effective options for conductive materials in films or inks.

Versatile Product Utilizations

The various properties of silver nanoparticles like optical, conductive, and anti-bacterial make ideal for a wide range of product applications.

What Are Silver Nanoparticles?

Silver nanoparticles are nanoparticles composed of silver whose size ranges between 1 nm and 100 nm. These nanoparticles have unique optical, conductive, antibacterial, and thermal properties which make them ideal candidates as the base for many new technologies and products. They are currently being implemented in a wide array of products that range from photovoltaics to biological, chemical sensors, printed electronics, medical equipment and more.

Silver nanoparticles like nanowires and nanorings are implemented in our conductive inks and conductive films to create a variety of different products and applications.

Silver Nanoparticle Technical properties

Silver nanoparticles synthesized by Nano Cintech, have high uniformity in their shape and diameter. Their diameters can range from 20 to 100 nm in a spherical shape. The main application of silver nanoparticles is to used them as conductive fillers for fabrication of stable suspension of conductive inks.

Properties Unit AgNPs- 20 AgNPs- 35 AgNPs- 70 AgNPs- 100
Diameter nm 20 35 70 100
Shape Spherical Spherical Spherical Spherical
Structure Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal Pentagonal
Available Solvents Et, Water, IPA, Customized Et, Water, IPA, Customized Et, Water, IPA, Customized Et, Water, IPA, Customized

Note: Nano Cintech has capacity to adjust separate product parameters as per customer demand

Silver Nanoparticles Product Applications

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Masks

Companies are now producing anti-bacterial and anti-viral masks using silver nanoparticles. These nanoparticles continuously release ions, and as a result can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses, and has a wide range of bactericidal functions. This means that using these types of masks can reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Tests conducted by Hong Kong Polytechnic University showed that after eight hours of use per day, the bacteria content on these types of masks was significantly lower than that of a standard mask.

The main advantages of Mask based on Silver Nanotechnology is their ability to actually kill the bacteria and viruses. Other commonly used mask cannot kill viruses and bacteria, they only serve to catch them. Consequently masks can be used for much longer with less adverse effects. The ability to get multiple usage from one mask and their ability to be washed without losing effectiveness make these types of masks a must in stopping spread of viruses and bacteria.

Medical Equipment

The antibacterial effects of silver nanoparticles have been used to control bacterial growth in a variety of applications, including dental work, surgery applications, wounds and burns treatment, and biomedical devices. Silver ions and silver based compounds are highly toxic to microorganisms making the application of silver nanoparticles to medical equipment ideal.

Silver nanoparticles used as active components in composite materials has long lasting anti bactericidal effects. These nanoparticles are also not toxic to the human body as opposed to conventional chemical products used to sterilized equipment such as ethanol or bleach.

Food Preservation

The rapid development of silver nanotechnology has transformed many domains of food science. Silver nano particles are now changing how the food industry is now approaching processing, packaging, storage, transportation, functionality, and other safety aspects of food.

These silver nanostructures have a high propensity to help food by preventing internal and external corruption and by helping to prevent and stop microbial contaminations. The properties of silver nanoparticles in packing is helping to increase shelf life of various different foods. Hence, the use of silver nanoparticles for packaging in food industry is becoming a recommend practice.

Medical Bandages

With the invention of penicillin, silver and other non-antibiotic treatments were almost completely abandoned. Now however, with the emergence of new antibiotic-resistant strains, silver nanotechnology is receiving tremendous attention in the medical world. Silver nanoparticles exhibit a broad-spectrum of antibacterial capabilities against many micro-organisms and are now demonstrating a huge potential to overcome the emerging issues in the area of microbial resistance.

Due to their intrinsic therapeutic properties silver nanoparticles have also opened up new horizons and approaches in the medical field such as the control of infections, wound healing, coating of biomaterials and devices, detection and diagnosis, drug delivery, novel antimicrobial agents, and in regeneration materials.

Water Filtration and Air Purification Systems

Silver nanoparticles are now being used to purify and filter water and air. In order to achieve this an ordinary filter fabric (made of cotton) is coated with silver with nano particles. Then by electrifying it the filter kills all bacteria using its electrical field that runs through the highly conductive “nano-coated” cotton.

Silver nanoparticles provides a new water and air filtration treatment to kill pathogens. This method of filtration can easily be used in remote areas where people don’t have access to chemical treatments such as chlorine. The filter uses very little power, has no moving parts and could be used throughout the developing world.

Antibacterial Textiles & Fabrics

Silver nanoparticles are antimicrobial, which means they kill bacteria and fungi. By including these nanoparticles in fabrics they are able to prevent odors and are able to stop bacterial cells from functioning. Consequently, the resulting clothes need to be washed less frequently.

Silver nanoparticles also release positively charged ions that helps stop the forming of bacteria and viruses. The particles tiny size means the garment stays soft and wearable. These nano-infused items range from socks to t-shirts, lab coats, medical masks, and are worn in many fields.

Conductive Inks

Due to their conductivity silver nanoparticles are also used in printed application in a conductive ink-based form. They are used as conductive fillers for fabrication of stable suspension of conductive inks which are then applied in various forms such as printed car defrosters.

We produce the highest quality products

At Nano Cintech we focus on producing the highest quality silver nano products in the industry. Our strategic approach focuses on devoting our resources to research, development, and the right personnel. This way we are able to be on the forefront of silver nano technology and create products which redefine the world.

Given that our products are on the cusp of technological advancements, they are increasingly making their way into various industries and consumer products such as: smartphones, tablets, notebook, PCs, e-book readers, medical devices, automobiles, architectural stylings, food preservation, and more.

Our team is also constantly working to facilitate nano materials to the world. Our vertical integration assures that we are the inventors, manufacturers, processors, and suppliers. Consequently, we are able to control our product throughout its entire productions process, from its initial inception to its final sale.

Our commitment to product quality and technological advancement makes us a key leader in the nano material industry assuring that our products are implemented in everyday life and help to redefine the world.

State of the art lab facilities and equipment

Investing in our own high-tech laboratory and research facilities allows us to constantly improve our technologies and create products of the highest quality. This way Nano Cintech is able to bring amazing breakthroughs in the industry while constantly improving our products.

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