New Silver Nanowires (Length: 55 um | Diameter: 70 nm) – 2

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Silver Nanowires in water

Average Length: 35 um

Diameter: 50 nm

Silver Nanowires (NW7055) can be used to fabricate transparent conductive films with higher haze values than Silver nanowires with 20 and 35 nm diameter. It can be used as conductive filler to formulate conductive ink to fabricate transparent conductive films with higher haze value (Haze of Substrate +2,5 to 3,5%) and considered as best alternative for Indium tin oxide (ITO) Film with high flexibility.  This type of transparent conductive film can be used in solar cells to improve efficiency. In fact, larger haze values lead to increased scattering, thus increasing the optical path length and light trapping inside the active layer.


Other potential applications are:

Optical Applications: Optical limiters, Medical imaging, Solar Cells, Surface plasmonic devices, Surface-enhanced spectroscopy

Conductive Applications: Printed Electronics, Transparent Conductive Film (TCF), Transparent Heaters, Touch screens, Flexible displays, Conductive adhesives, High-intensity LEDs, EMI shielding films and paints, e-papers and clothes, Smart glasses (PDLC, Electrochromic, …)

Antimicrobial Applications: Air & water purification, Food preservation, Bandages, coatings for medical devices, Antibacterial textiles & fabrics

Chemical & Thermal: Catalysts, Chemical vapor sensors, Detectors

What Are Silver Nanowires?

Nanowires are nanostructures with a diameter in the range of nanometer 10^-9 m. They have high aspect ratios; hence they are commonly referred to as one-dimensional nanomaterials. Silver nanowires have distinct optical, electrical, and thermal properties and are being incorporated into a wide range of products.

They are incredibly efficient at absorbing and scattering light and are characterized by analytical techniques such as scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

Nanowires are implemented in our conductive inks and conductive films to create a variety of different products and applications.




Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 20 cm

1 AgNW grams, 5 AgNW grams, 10 AgNW grams, 20 AgNW grams


70 um, 55 um, 40 um, 20 um, 5 um


100 nm, 70 nm, 40 nm, 20 nm

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